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The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ, Temple of Solomon and Order of the Temple

The Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, also called the Order of the Temple, whose members are known as the Knights Templar, was one of the most powerful Christian military orders of the Middle Ages.

It has been active for less than two centuries. It was founded in 1118 or 1119 by nine French knights led by Hugo de Payns after the First Crusade. Its original purpose was to protect the lives of Christians who made the pilgrimage to Jerusalem after its conquest. The order was recognized by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Garmond de Picquigny, who imposed the rule of the Augustinian canons of the Holy Sepulcher.

Medieval Factory is the most respected and sought-after manufacturer due to its reputation as a manufacturer of high quality Templar clothing on a European level, and as an official manufacturer of dozens of Official Templar Associations. Our catalog ranges from Templar swords, Templar armorTemplar costumes and many Templar accessories. We invite you to be part of the Templar World!

Buy Templar products at the best price

Buy Templar products at the best price

Section dedicated to the Templar world. Here you can find high quality costumes, but above all a wide catalog of fascinating Templar objects that will make you feel like one more member of the Order of the Temple. If you are here you probably know the history of the Knights Templar, their skill with swords and their Templar costumes, allowed them to be the ones who protected the lives of those who pilgrimed Jerusalem during the 12th century.

Do you want to feel like one of them?

In our online store we have created an incredible catalog about the Templars, putting at your disposal the most sophisticated and important Templar weapons and swords of that time, but not only that, we want you to be able to live a part of history using the recreated Templar costumes taking care of the smallest detail of all the elements they used.

Buy Templar products at the best price

Buy Templar Swords

Buy Templar Swords

We can offer you an incredible collection of Templar swords from the best manufacturers and at incredible prices because we have our own brand for the manufacture of this type of medieval weapons, if you are a collector of Templar swords in our section of Templar swords you will find endless of these that will make you enjoy your purchase, as we pamper the quality of our products and we offer quality templar swords at incredible prices in some brands.

Buy Templar collectibles

Buy Templar collectibles

In addition to all kinds of weapons, at Medieval Factory we have compiled an immense collection of all kinds of products that will be liked by collectors of Templar products, from rings of the order, to miniature replicas of knights, we can say that you have reached a of the best online stores selling Templar products, and everything related to this Military Order.

Buy Templar products at the best price

Templar costumes, an irresistible offer

Templar costumes, an irresistible offer

At Medieval Factory we are specialized in the manufacture of medieval costumes and especially those of the Templar type, since we are manufacturers of this type of costume, we offer a very wide catalog of Templar clothing, from the best known to own orders and with the smallest detail personalized for Templar recreation groups in Europe, clients who have been faithful to our online store of Templar costumes for years, since we offer very high qualities in our clothing. In addition to having innumerable different models of costumes, for each order of the temple, we give you the possibility that you can personalize the Templar type suit with the emblem of your “order”, thus giving it an exclusive touch.

If you are looking for the best templar costumes, you have come to the right place. Medieval Factory is the best online website to buy this type of clothing thanks to its long history as a supplier and manufacturer.

A bit of history about the Templars

A bit of history about the Templars

Here we explain certain aspects that you possibly didn't know about this famous medieval military order in Europe, which has been brought to the screen countless times through film productions or television series, delighting the followers of this famous congregation of monks Warriors.

What happened to the Templars?

His objective had always been to defend Jerusalem, but as a result of the loss of the Holy Land, the Knights Templar began to lose the confidence of the king and also, Philip IV of France had a great economic debt to them, his great power also frightened the king himself.

From that moment on Philip IV decided to speak to him with Pope Clement V asking him to dissolve the Order of the Templars.

It is a fascinating story that arouses great interest among fans of this world, also in our online store we offer you the best prices on products such as: decoration, weapons, rings, key chains, etc.

Sale of the Templar Cross

At Medieval Factory we are dedicated to selling this type of Cross and Pendants. In addition to other products related to the medieval, such as clothing and weapons.

We are passionate about this theme, and therefore we want to offer the best products to our customers.

In addition, despite the fact that the Templar Cross is essential, we also have a wide variety of pendant typologies.

Well, we offer different types in terms of shapes, symbols and colors.

What does this type of cross mean?

The Templar Cross is and has always been the symbol that most represents the Templars. That is why it is also the element that is most worn in pendants. There are different designs of Cruz.

Each of them represented a different order. The Templar Cross was used mainly in the Middle Ages. This symbol was worn on pendants to present its cause and value. In short, the star symbol of the Templar Pendants of the time has always been this type of cross.

It has been present throughout history. It has become an emblem for the Knights Templar. Although we can see it today, since it is still a symbol worn by those people who are passionate about this theme. As well as the entire history of the Templars.

The color of the Templar Cross was red since it represented the blood poured out by Christ and was used on different backgrounds depending on who wore it. The Knights Templar wore it with a white background representing purity and chastity. The sergeants wore it on a black cloak that represented strength and courage.

Finally the Temple banner (flag representing the Templars), had the same colors, white and black.

Templar Cross Pendants

The Templar Pendants are necklaces used by the Templars and warriors. These pendants had different symbols. Each of them had a specific meaning. Although the most used symbol was the Templar Cross.

Well they made reference mainly to the fight and the death.

The Templars used this symbol on pendants to convey their Christian values ​​and always carry their ideologies with them.

All this as an ornament, but maintaining its symbolic character.

In this way, the Templar cross Pendants are elements that were used in their day by warriors. However, they are also in demand today.

Whether to be collected or to wear. It is an article of jewelry and adornment. Well, today it is used that way.

And although they were once used by the Templars to represent that they risked their lives in the fights, today it is limited to decoration and adornment.





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