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Templar Pendants

Pendants with different motifs of Templar crosses.

The Cross of the Templars is a well-known symbol within this theme. This cross is known as cross kick or cross pate because their arms look like legs. These arms are narrow on the part of the center and are widened on the outside. It is a symbol that appears in everything related to the Templar world. In addition, there are different types of templar crosses depending on their shape.

What is the meaning of this type of Cross?

The Cross of the Templars is associated with the Order of the Poor Companions of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, also known as the Order of the Temple. The symbolism of this cross refers to the life of Christ, as well as to his suffering. His red color symbolizes his blood, but also his life. This cross was placed on the mantle of Christ, over the left shoulder, specifically over the heart.

Later, the cross was used by the Teutonic knights. Its emblem was a black kick cross on a white background. Subsequently, the German military continued to use this cross. Today the German army uses a version based on an iron cross. It is painted on military aircraft and trucks. In addition, today it is also used by organizations that maintain the ideals of the Order of the Temple.

Why did the Templars carry this Cross on their Pendants?

The Cross of the Templars had a strong symbolic charge. For, as we mentioned earlier, it symbolized the life and death of Christ. In short, he made a great reference to the Christian faith and the services of God. In this way, this symbol was very present in different aspects and elements. The flags and banners were some of them. However, where the Templar cross was most worn was in the pendants.

Carrying the cross kicked in a pendant was the greatest sign of closeness to Christ. This symbol was always on top, so that the cross fell on the chest of those who carried it. It was a gesture of maximum fidelity to the faith. For the real meaning of carrying the cross hung around his neck was none other than to be always close to God. Either in everyday life or in the battles that were fought.

Where can you buy the Cross of the Templars?

The cross of the Templars remains a symbol of great importance. Whether for lovers of the Templar theme or for amateur collectors. For this reason, these pendants are being demanded more and more with the Cross of the Templars. However, it is not always easy to find good products, as these are not always quality. The solution is to find a store that offers the best items.

At Medieval Factory we take care of both the manufacture and the sale of the Cross of the Templars. We offer the best crosses for pendants, either to collect or to wear it. We offer our clients professional crosses, since we make them of the best quality. Therefore, our online store is the perfect place to buy a professional and quality templar cross.



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