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Buy Nordic and Medieval Viking products

Buy Nordic and Medieval Viking products

If you want to buy Viking products or products of Nordic origin, you have reached one of the best online stores where you can buy Nordic-themed products. We offer you a complete catalog of various products, from clothing and accessories to battle products.

We have the most popular Nordic medieval products and all kinds of objects so that you can feel like a true Viking in battle, we work with the best manufacturers of weapons and products of Nordic origin to offer you products of unsurpassed quality and faithful reproductions of The originals.

Likewise we also have very cheap medieval Nordic products so that it is within the reach of any pocket, offering decoration swords at very low prices.

If you want to find products from the Nordic era, this is your ecommerce specialized in the faithful of Odin, welcome to MedievalFactory

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Buy Viking Items

Buy Viking Items

You already have your Viking weaponry, sword! Shield! But now is the time to complete this in authentic Viking-worthy attire!

You will enjoy with the collection of Viking medieval clothing that we have for you, since as manufacturers of Viking costumes the number of dresses, articles and accessories is infinite.

Viking costumes in the different sizes and colors you want, from the most classic to the most daring and daring.

Viking warrior or Viking shieldman?

At MedievalFactory we have your custom Viking costume!

Buy Viking Armament

Buy Viking Armament

Are you a fanatic of the followers of Odin or the famous Ragnar? well! We can tell you that you have arrived at the store specialized in this subject, you will have hundreds of articles for the battle as a good Viking.

From Viking functional swords , to the axes most used by the Nordic armies.

Manufactured by the best brands and respecting the details so that they resemble those of the Viking era of splendor

What else do you want to start collecting Viking weapons in your collection?

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Nordic Swords

Nordic Swords

And you, are you worthy to fight for Odin?

In Medieval Factory we offer you the weapons worthy of an authentic Viking.

Get your Nordic sword now , and launch into battle in the name of Odin, choose if you want a functional sword, or a decorative one for your living room, in the worst case you will meet in Valhalla with the Valkyries.

Nordic Shields

Nordic Shields

Shield Wall! In response to this cry, the small Viking hosts that attacked the territories to be looted closed in compact formation, discover the collection of Nordic shields that we have for you, from faithful real reproductions to LARP or decorative shields.

It is time to complete your equipment.

Viking clothing

Viking clothing

At Medieval Factory we have a large number of Viking dresses for both men and women and children, as being manufacturers as well as distributors we can offer you one of the most extensive catalogs on the Internet on this subject.

Viking leather armor, dresses for Viking women, Viking costumes for battle. You choose what you want!

Viking Accessories

Viking Accessories

As it could not be missing in the Viking world, they are the accessories to adorn those costumes, weapons, or characters that you can create, we have from necklaces, to faithful reproductions of Viking Horns to drink.

Complement your equipment with that accessory that we have for you, necklaces, rings, bracelets, helmets helmets, bags, backpacks, everything you could want we have for you.





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