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Ref. 7201-LOR

24,99 €
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A padded gorget was a protective garment, mainly for the neck. Fastened with leather buckles. The outside is made of 100% cotton and the inside padding is made of polyester. Suitable for historical reenactment and LARP.

Ref. 60698-LOR

30,00 €
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Medieval Short Iron Ax with a Wooden Handle

Ref. 716N-LOR

44,99 €
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This chainmail cloak is made of riveted and solid alternating wedge rings, with each ring diameter 9mm, the chain mail is great for recreation and securely fastens with 2 leather straps to fit around By the neck.

Ref. 52148

13,00 €
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Ref. 1202-LOR

3,25 €
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Hand-wrought arrowhead

Ref. 1212-LOR

2,80 €
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Hand-Forged Three edge Arrowhead

Ref. 1214-LOR

3,40 €
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Nice blacksmith forged crescent rope cutter / hunting arrow heads for Medieval, Tudor or Renaissance arrows. Often called a rope cutter there is much speculation as to the use of these arrow heads.

Ref. 7207-LOR

37,99 €
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This padded arming hood is made from cotton and for adding extra protection and padding underneath armour. This collar has a leather strap on either end to attach other pieces of plate armour or clothing.

Ref. 51315

23,00 €
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Almogávar helmet of leather straps and rivets. Made in Spain with premium leather

Ref. MV198.01

8,00 €
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Mini maza dos cabezas con mango corto. Medida total 22 cm. Peso 98 gr.

Ref. 704N-LOR

43,90 €
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The medieval mesh chain scoop is a piece for shoulder protection that has a leather trimmed collar and two brass buckles with leather for closure and adjustment. The rings are 9mm blackened steel and riveted.

Ref. 57551

19,00 €
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Whether you are a Viking warrior or a wandering merchant, the throwing hatchet is always an indispensable friend! As useful in the day to day of any adventurer as in battle, it will be the same to cut woods or skulls!

Ref. 9210P18-LOR

98,91 €
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The Avenger Pauldrons are crafted from riveted segments of 18 gauge steel. The pauldrons are articulated due to their riveted construction and inner bands of leather. The interior of the pauldrons are blackened. Though not shown in the photos, these pauldrons require a gorget or chestplate with leather straps - such straps are fitted to the upper steel...

Ref. 60689-LOR

49,99 €
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Medieval Axe Iron with Wooden handle

Ref. 340BK-LOR

24,99 €
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Viking, LARP or SCA experience a safe experience with this chain mail cap. Complete your Norman, Crusader, and Viking armor harness with this coif. The bonnet is made of 10mm wide 16 gauge steel rings. The rings are heat treated in oil to blacken them and provide better protection against oxidation.

Ref. 60492-20-LOR

21,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This helmet is a miniature reproduction of a popular old town style from the 6th to 12th centuries worn from the Viking era to the Crusades. The helmet is made of 20 gauge steel that is chrome plated to enhance shine and corrosion resistance. This rudder is not just a paper weight, it is a work of art. Includes a wooden stand to display your rudder. The...

Ref. 9253P18-LOR

59,99 €
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Complete your 15th century Gothic or Milanese plate armor harness with this 18 gauge forged steel adjustable gorget. Designed to protect the neck, lower face and chin, the accessory was used in conjunction with a sallet or other open helmet. The front face is adjustable and can be used for full neck and lower face protection, or down to expose the mouth....

Ref. 9259P18-LOR

39,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This gorget is made from 18 gauge steel and has been blackened on its inside. The two riveted gorget plates are attached and dis-attached with a steel button on a single side and they can be opened and closed around the neck. Two leather straps are fitted to the gorget by which the wearer can anchor a set of pauldrons.

Ref. 9302P18-LOR

59,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

hese bracers with integrated hand and elbow armor are crafted from 18 gauge steel. The inside is blackened and the armor is fitted to the arm with a pair of antiqued steel buckles with matching, adjustable leather straps.

Ref. 9401P20-LOR

74,98 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

These late Medieval gauntlets is composed of articulated plates of 20 gauge steel with a riveted construction. These gauntlets are intended to be worn with leather gauntlets for both a better fit and to cushion the top of the hand - leather gloves or gauntlets are not included. The interior of the gauntlet is blackened to hinder rusting.

Ref. 3101-LOR

21,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Express some personality with this mini 15th century sallet helmet. The helm is interactive with a movable face plate so you can adjust how it sits on the stand. The helm is made from 20 gauge steel with solid rivets. This helm is not just a paper weight, it’s a work of art. This helm is a reproduction of a real historical helmet in smaller scale. Each...

Ref. 3103-LOR

21,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This extraordinary helmet is an exact replica of the bigger full size version. It is highly decorative and the detail is exceptional. The stand is polished hardwood and is included in the price. This exquisite helmet makes a perfect decorative piece for any home, and makes a great gift item.

Ref. 3107N-LOR

27,00 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This extraordinary helmet is an exact replica of the bigger full size version. It is highly decorative and the detail is exceptional. The stand is polished hardwood and is included in the price. This exquisite helmet makes a perfect decorative piece for any home, and makes a great gift item.

Ref. 51872

39,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This Pirate Battle Sword is a straight blade for pirates, corsairs and landlubbers. The Pirate Sword is 77 cm long with a single-edge 57 cm long blade. Made of closed cell foam around a solid fibreglass core and coated with latex.

Ref. 60104-LOR

69,99 €
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Historically, soldiers and knights wore gauntlets. Each section has been riveted to secure the plates but leaving optimum mobility. They cover the back of the fingers, hands, and most of the forearm. Both hands fit the black suede gloves that come in a plus size. They feature hand-stitched red leather patches on the top of the gloves on each figure. These...

Ref. 2099P14-LOR

85,80 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Functional carbon steel shield with white finish to paint and customize to your liking. Ideal for LARP or historical recreation, its measures are 52 wide x 70 cm high, behind it has a grip handle. thickness 1.8 mm

Ref. 819N-LOR

14,74 €
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Package of 1 Kg. Of round rings of galvanized steel reinforced, to make your own chainmail or repairs, Ring diameter 9 mm, Thickness 1.6 mm.

Ref. 50576

0,69 €
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Nock for LARP arrows. Made from plastic. Length 2,4 cm. and diameter 0,9 cm.

Ref. MV1F.01

27,00 €
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Medieval crossbow S-XV (32 x 53 cm)

Ref. MV24/P.01

15,29 €
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Ballesta europea siglo XVII (19 x 35 cm)

Ref. 9258P18-LOR

52,47 €
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Medieval steel cap 1mm thick. Adjustable with leather straps, weight 0.9 kg

Ref. 2125PM14-LOR

42,99 €
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Steel shield 1.6 mm thick with a rolled edge for extra durability. The back of the buckler has a handle which is securely riveted to the shield and covered with wood.

Ref. 9205P18-LOR

79,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This set of articulated pauldrons with rondels are crafted from 16 gauge steel; they are riveted internally with thick bands of riveted leather. The Rondels are tied and fastened directly onto the pauldrons with the included leather cord. An antiqued steel buckle at the top of the pauldron is used to fasten and hang it from a cuirass or a gorget which has...

Ref. 9202P18-LOR

109,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Thickness approx. 1 mm steel. Featuring a large over-the-shoulder plate with cutter / bumper and 4 blades underneath to extend the rest of the shoulder and down the arm, this set of shoulder pads offers a high level of protection for the shoulder and upper arm. Finished with a polished look, this armor will require lubrication to store in perfect...

Ref. MV12.01

22,91 €
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Ballesta primitiva de lujo (40 x 51 cm)

Ref. 2140-LOR

99,00 €
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This English royal shield is made of 1.2 mm thick sheet metal and is hand-painted on the front with three heraldic lions on the purple-red field. Such a coat of arms was used between 1198 and 1369 by many English medieval monarchs, It has two adjustable leather grips for fastening.

Ref. 57553

14,00 €
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Famous in the slums of any city worth its salt, karambit knives are one of the preferred weapons of any ruffian who prefers close and dirty combat. Its firm grip and the ring-shaped knob allow its user to do all kinds of tricks with it.

Ref. 8422-LOR

6,99 €
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This simple Push Dagger is an effective defense and assault weapon suitable for concealed carry. It is designed as if you had a spearhead between your fingers just at the cuff. The thrust dagger was popular as a combat weapon among civilians and selected forces. As a concealed weapon, it was a popular civilian weapon, requiring a discreet dagger to defend...

Ref. 152NL-LOR

91,98 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

A mesh jacket made from heavy duty 16 gauge wire (approximately 1.6mm thick). The rings are 9mm in size.

Ref. 632N-LOR

39,91 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

This chain mail chain set is made of heavy duty wire links that have run into each other end to end. Links are 9mm diameter and 16 gauge thickness. These mail panels are ideal for sewing on the sides and under the arms of a shrimp; This provides some mail protection in areas that are vulnerable to plate armor. On their own they can be used as a superior...

Ref. 9102PL18-LOR

119,98 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Do you need to increase your HP in your LARP game for a reasonable price? This breastplate with backplate and tassets provides an increase in hit point value. Made of 18 gauge steel, the shell and back plate articulate for better movement. The breastplate has quality leather straps with buckles that are securely riveted for durability. The straps are...

Ref. MVAR/1B.01

12,20 €
Available: Immediate Shipment

Small medieval bow (65 cm - 130 gr.)

Ref. MV12/L.01

25,30 €
Available: Immediate Shipment

Primitive deluxe crossbow (62 x 40 cm)

Ref. MV52/1P.01

11,40 €
Available: Immediate Shipment

Expositor pistola pirata

Ref. MV52/1NAP.01

13,70 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Expositor pistola Napole

Ref. 50451

41,04 €
Available: Immediate Shipment

Simple plume with metal frame for Roman helmets. The plumes can be fixed on the helmets by using our plume-holders for Centurio or Optio.

Ref. MVAR/1.01

9,99 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Small traditional bow (65 cm - 130 gr.)

Ref. 50439

61,50 €
Available: Immediate Shipment

This helmet is designed in the style of a Roman legionnaire helmet. It is ideal for LARP, theatre and costuming.

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Repliche di armi e armature del tempo. Spade, scudi, pugnali, balestre, fiori, asce, alabarde, pistole, fucili, archi, cotta di maglia, corazze, lucci, katana.

Armatura funzionale romana e medievale
Un'armatura funzionale, a differenza di quella ornamentale, consente di dotarla di libertà di movimento e protezione simile ai modelli di riferimento. Le armature della Factory medievale, disponibili in pezzi o complete, sono elementi versatili e visivamente accattivanti, ideali per la ricreazione storica, la recitazione o il cosplay.

I pezzi di armatura più complessi da produrre sono quelli che proteggono le articolazioni. Guanti di protezione, spalline, toppe sui gomiti o scarpate devono consentire la mobilità e sono fabbricati in sezioni diverse. Il guanto di sfida era quello che consisteva in più pezzi.

Scopri l'armatura funzionale romana
Le armature medievali erano costose protezioni, fatte su misura e con il design del puntatore per il loro tempo. Quando proverai per la prima volta un'armatura completa, sarai sorpreso dal tuo comfort, perché il peso delle protezioni è distribuito dal corpo.

La lorica segmentata è l'antenato dell'armatura medievale e consiste di bande metalliche orizzontali regolabili. Mentre i legionari combattevano con uno scudo a tutto il corpo, la lorica lascia le braccia scoperte e protegge solo il busto.

La lorica romana segmentata non era standardizzata e, con varianti multiple, era l'armatura attuale dei Legionari dell'Alto Impero e della Guardia Pretoria. Le truppe ausiliarie usavano altri tipi di armature, come la cotta di maglia (lorica hamata) o l'armatura con motivo a scala metallica sovrapposto (lorica scamata).

Nella fabbrica medievale hai anche il muscoloso modello di lorica, un modello degli ufficiali legionari di alto rango che imitavano la muscolatura del corpo.

Pezzi di armature di epoche diverse
I pettorali e le parti posteriori sono i pezzi che proteggono la parte superiore del corpo. Dal Medioevo ai moderni giubbotti antiproiettile ceramici, l'equilibrio tra peso, protezione e mobilità è sempre ricercato. Secondo l'uso e il tempo, la sua raffinatezza aumenta.

Il ragno è un insieme di elementi che pendono dalla corazza e proteggono l'inguine. Presentano modelli diversi e sottili per cavalcare e combattere a piedi, come la protezione del coccige. Il resto della gamba è protetto da donchisciottes per cosce, ginocchiere e schinieri per gli stinchi.

Un altro fattore che influenza la configurazione dei pettorali e dei dorsi è l'origine geografica dell'armatura. Le protezioni di guerrieri come i vichinghi o quelli di un cavaliere europeo sono diverse, rispetto alle armature orientali come quelle dei samurai, che combattevano con armi e tecniche diverse.