Medieval Gauntlets 

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hese bracers with integrated hand and elbow armor are crafted from 18 gauge steel. The inside is blackened and the armor is fitted to the arm with a pair of antiqued steel buckles with matching, adjustable leather straps.

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These late Medieval gauntlets is composed of articulated plates of 20 gauge steel with a riveted construction. These gauntlets are intended to be worn with leather gauntlets for both a better fit and to cushion the top of the hand - leather gloves or gauntlets are not included. The interior of the gauntlet is blackened to hinder rusting.

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Historically, soldiers and knights wore gauntlets. Each section has been riveted to secure the plates but leaving optimum mobility. They cover the back of the fingers, hands, and most of the forearm. Both hands fit the black suede gloves that come in a plus size. They feature hand-stitched red leather patches on the top of the gloves on each figure. These...

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Pair of smooth gauntlets nonfunctional.

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Pair of gauntlets chiseled nonfunctional.

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Pair of gloves. Manufactured from 1.3 mm steel. Nearly all parts moveable. Soft leather interior glove.

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This pair of late-medieval gauntlets is handbeaten from 1.3 mm steel. It is losely riveted so nearly all parts are well articulated. A soft interior leather glove is stitched to the steel gauntlet.

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Oriental pair of gauntlet that protects from the fingers to the forearm. Made of 1mm galvanized steel and leather straps.

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Medieval gauntlets to protect hands, fingers, knuckles, wrists and forearms. Top made of 1mm steel and high quality leather gloves. It includes the pair.

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Leather gauntlet with 1 mm steel protection. It includes the pair.

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Leather gloves and steel protection to protect the wrist and back of the hand in combat. The steel fits comfortably over its own leather glove. It includes the pair.

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Gauntlets designed to protect hands, fingers, knuckles and wrists. Made of leather and 1 mm black steel. It includes the pair.

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Handcrafted gauntlets made by Marto craftsmen in Toledo (Spain). Hand chiseled. Decorated with the Templar Cross in gold finish.

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Medieval Steel gauntlets with leather gloves Type C, These gauntlets are most suitable for a late 15th to 16th century Medieval.

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Battle-ready and decorative gauntlets.