Roman Daggers 

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Functional Roman pugio made of carbon steel 1055. Wood hilt. Includes a wood scabbard covered in leather with brass parts.

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Roman dagger with metal scabbard and stainless steel blade. Length 34 cm.

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Roman poignard with scabbard decorated in leather and stainless steel blade. 38 cm long.

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Daga romana con funda decorada. Medida total 34.50 cm hoja 19.50 cm.

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Roman dagger or pugio. Engraved hilt of gold-plated Zamak, decorated by hand with blue and red enamel. Stainless steel blade with gold and black engraving.

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Roman daggers are double-edged weapons ideal for stabbing, capable of piercing a chainmail. They are also characterized by their great decoration.