Latex Weapons - RPG and LARP 

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The blade is made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating. It is a double-headed weapon of war suitable for the toughest of fighters. The Broad Axe has a 65 cm handle with a large half-moon shaped blade and a mean looking spike. The blade is just over 30 cm across with a 40 cm edge.

Ref. 50532

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Ready for Battle Axe is a classic latex war axe that will serve a rural warrior, homestead defender or Viking raider equally well. The 60 cm axe has a 55 cm wooden handle and a large rectangular axe head. The head is 12 cm long from bite to handle, with a 15 cm curved edge.

Ref. 50534

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Ready for Battle Mace is an intimidating 60 cm latex mace designed to fit a wide range of settings, making it a good weapon for a new warrior looking to make his way. Its long square grip is 55 cm and ends in a 20 cm four-flanged mace head. The spiked flanges are detailed with beveled edges and negative space near the haft, its upper 8 cm spike shaped...

Ref. 50537

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Made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass pipe and finished with a strong latex coating. The spear is detailed with a lot of personality, including a spearhead featuring a golden fuller.

Ref. 50541

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Viking Spear is a 190 cm latex spear with a long, leaf-shaped ridged spearhead. Handpainted and sculpted to give it a realistic look, the Viking Spear’s 40 cm spearhead appears to be attached to a long pole with metal bolts.

Ref. 50546

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Staff of the Arch Mage is an imposing high-magic design. At its top sits a large crystal surrounded by four large flanges. Each flange is 7,5 cm deep from highest point to pole, 20 cm long and has numerous barbs. The staff-pole is made from soft-foam and heavily sculpted with numerous incurvations along its length with numerous slim necks buffered with...

Ref. 51183

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Medieval latex and fiberglass lance with leather handle. Length: 180 cm. Designed for historical recreation and role playing.

Ref. 51875

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This Mallet is a realistic latex hammer designed to serve as a weapon or prop in the hands of almost any character. Sculpted and handpainted to look like a real woodgrain mallet, this latex weapon is 40 cm long with a 19 cm long head and a 10 x 10 cm face.

Ref. 51895

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This Battle Axe is the proper weapon for Northern Dwarven warriors. The head has a long curved 36 cm edge, and its 16 cm width is secured to the haft by a large gold plate. The total length of the weapon is 80 cm, with a 25 cm handle bound in split-leather.

Ref. 51896

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This Cleaver is a nasty looking two-handed war-axe with a 33 cm long head that ends in curved spikes. The blade is attached to the 70 cm haft with sculpted metal hinges.

Ref. 51897

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This Beer Mug with metal bands is a throwing weapon handy for impromptu fights against other midnight boozers. Made from coreless durable closed cell foam and finished with a strong latex coating. It cannot be used for beverages.

Ref. 52015

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Viking short axe made of break-resistant closed-cell foam and fiberglass core with Kevlar-protected tip. Latex coating. The total length is 55 cm, the head measures 13 x 18 cm. 150 gr weight.

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All kinds of weapons made in latex specially designed for RPG and LARP. Swords, daggers, shields, halberds, knives.