Viking axes 

Ref. 1105-LOR

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Viking ax throwing from a hand made of steel and wood. Total length 46 cm, head length 16 cm, blade width 9 cm, Forged by hand with high quality carbon steel.

Ref. 60567-LOR

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Viking axe with double blade forged by hand, the wooden handle has leather strips for better grip. The total length is 92 cm, leaf width 32 cm and leaf height 24 cm.

Ref. 52056

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Ax replica of the main character of the Vikings series, Ragnar Lodbrok. Includes a wooden display to hang it on the wall.

Ref. 52208

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Hacha Vikinga de Valkiria. Mango de madera decorada con un trenzado. Medida largo 71 cm. Peso 1,380 kg.

Ref. 52209

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Hacha Vikinga, Escandinavia S VIII. Mango de madera. Medidas 87 cm de largo. Peso 2,720 kg.

Ref. 25292-LOR

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Gotland Viking ax head of the S.X, hand forged with a length of 20 cm, blade width 15.5 cm, approximate weight 485 gr.

Ref. 52420

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Our replica shows an elaborate Viking dragon knot design. It has the perfect size to carry in your hand along with a shield in a combat. The decorated head is made of tempered steel and the handle is made of sturdy wood.A great choice to complete your Viking team. The equipment of a vikingo consisted of sword, ax, spear and round shield, whose quality...

Ref. 60569-LOR

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Traditional Viking ax with hand-forged head made of high quality carbon steel, wooden handle with leather strap for better grip and includes leather sheath. Total length 60 cm, blade height 17 cm, blade length 18 cm, approximate weight 800 gr.

Ref. 60702-LOR

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Viking axe of 58 cm in total length and 17 cm in width of blade, hand forged carbon steel and wooden handle.

Ref. 50642

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Hand-forged, high-quality carbon steel. Delivery includes a sturdy rosewood shaft. The blade is sharpened.

Ref. 50643

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Heavy hand-forged axe made of high-quality carbon steel. Delivery includes sturdy wooden handle. The blade is sharpened.

Ref. 51827

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Decorative Viking Axe made by Marto. The blade is decorated with Viking motifs.

Ref. 51997

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Reproduction of a Merovingian axe with a 18 cm carbon steel blade. Total length 45 cm. It´s sharpened.

Ref. 51985

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Inspired on the Viking 10th century axe found on the Swedish island of Gotland. The EN45 carbon steel head has a cross and is fixed to the handle with rivets. The 20,5 cm edge isn´t sharpened. The total length is 126 cm and the handle 108 cm.

Ref. 52001

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Viking decorative axe. The head is made of steel riveted to the wooden handle. It measures 71 cm and the head 31 cm.

Ref. 52421

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This viking-inspired ax has a dragon head engraved on a sheet of rough, darkened steel. Darkened wooden handle, perfect for launching.The Vikings were popular for their skill in throwing the ax. This piece, manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts, is perfectly balanced for the launch. An elegantly decorated ax with a dragon head engraved on the rough...

Ref. 1114-LOR

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Ax of the warrior Ragnar Lodbrok. Functional, made of carbon steel. Wooden handle with leather decorations. Handy with just one hand, 52/5000 Forged by hand with high quality carbon steel.

Ref. 52675

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Shipping in 7 working days

Ax of Viking Ragnar collection, made of metal and wood with a total length of 60 cm and 645 gr. of weight.

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The Vikings used a wide variety of weapons but, without doubt, the axes are the most characteristic

There were different classes depending on their design and management but they were always made of wood handle and iron blade. Sometimes a small strip of steel was put on the edge

In addition to the war the ax was used for many things, such as building boats. The majority of Viking warriors were infantry, since horses were expensive to maintain. It was also much cheaper to make axes than to forge Viking swords, so the economically less fortunate warriors had the ax as their favorite weapon. It was very efficient to split shields and knock out the enemy with a single blow.

The most characteristic type of ax is the Norman ax, It had a handle one meter long and a projection on the blade, very useful for boarding ships

There were also warriors who preferred the two-handed ax (Danish ax). It was more lethal but obviously they could not handle a shield at the same time. Because of this they were escorted by other warriors with shields. The blade of the ax of two hands was wide but thin so as not to put an excessive weight and its length could reach up to 180cm

The throwing axes were also very useful for breaking shields and for fighting in the sea