Medieval Breastplates  

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Metal breastplate with lions. Not functional

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Smooth metal breastplate. Not functional.

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Engraved metal breastplate. Not functional.

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Metal eagle of Toledo breastplate. Not functional.

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Templar metal breastplate. Not functional. Width 39 cm. 45 cm long.

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Medieval breastplate made of 1mm blackened steel with leather straps. 47 cm in length and 66 in width. Designed to protect the front of the torso and abdomen.

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The breastplate is the piece of plate armor that defends the chest. Decorated with the seal of the Order of the Temple on the upper left and the Templar cross on the lower right.

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Armour breastplate decorated with the Templar Cross on the upper left.

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Smooth Breastplate. It´s not functional. The breastplate was bent and made of steel to better deflect blows and projectiles.

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Acid engraved breastplate. It´s not functional. Natural size.

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Breastplate with gold reliefs and engravings. It is decorated with the coat of arms of Castile and Leon and fleurs-de-lys.

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These decorative metal breastplates are made of high quality steel. Chest protection used during the Middle Ages.