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Viking axes

The Vikings used a wide variety of weapons but, without doubt, the axes are the most characteristic

There were different classes depending on their design and management but they were always made of wood handle and iron blade. Sometimes a small strip of steel was put on the edge

In addition to the war the ax was used for many things, such as building boats. The majority of Viking warriors were infantry, since horses were expensive to maintain. It was also much cheaper to make axes than to forge Viking swords, so the economically less fortunate warriors had the ax as their favorite weapon. It was very efficient to split shields and knock out the enemy with a single blow.

The most characteristic type of ax is the Norman ax, It had a handle one meter long and a projection on the blade, very useful for boarding ships

There were also warriors who preferred the two-handed ax (Danish ax). It was more lethal but obviously they could not handle a shield at the same time. Because of this they were escorted by other warriors with shields. The blade of the ax of two hands was wide but thin so as not to put an excessive weight and its length could reach up to 180cm

The throwing axes were also very useful for breaking shields and for fighting in the sea




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