Medieval Forge Iron Candleholder  

Ref. 51406

32,00 €
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Medieval candleholder produced with forge and colored crystals. Height 49 cm and diameter 9 cm

Ref. 51381

29,00 €
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Lighthouse candleholders with andalusí style crystals and hook to hang. Measures: 45 cm high and 12 cm wide

Ref. 51378

73,00 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Handmade arabian style forge lamp with candles inside to illuminate: Height 75 cm and diameter 31 cm

Ref. 51382

29,00 €
Available: Immediate Delivery

Medieval arabian style candleholders lamp with translucent crystals, measures: height 45 cm and width 12 cm

Ref. 51390

26,00 €
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Arabian style menara lamp, it is handmade with brass. Height 40 cm and 14 cm side.

Ref. 50650

16,20 €
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This candlestick imitates a historical original forged from one piece of round steel. The thorn in the middle pins the candle. 

Ref. 50651

10,76 €
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Our reconstruction is hand-forged from one single piece of steel in such a manner that the single nails have been split off in warm state. Our caltrop is perfectly suitable as a decorative candleholder.

Ref. 51136

41,04 €
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Medieval candle holder. Made of steel forged by hand and with a height of 26 cm.

Ref. 51337

24,48 €
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Handmade candle holder with blackened steel. Wide base, four feet and a hook in case you want to hang up

Ref. 51380

99,00 €
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Handmade arabian-style forge lantern lamp with crystals of different colors. Includes electric installation for light bulb. Measures: 23 cm x 23 cm and 62 cm high

Ref. 8501-LOR

28,51 €
Shipping in 2 months

Medieval iron lantern handmade. You can enter the candle through a small door. Length 25 cm long and 9 cm wide. Weight 570 gr.

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Forging or wood candleholder in Medieval style.